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Corporate Governance

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Code Of Conduct

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R & Ta Details

Satellite Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.
Unit No. 49, Bldg No.13-A-B, 2nd Floor,
Samhita Commercial Co-Op. Soc. Ltd.
Off Andheri Kurla Road, MTNL Lane,
Sakinaka, Mumbai - 400 072
Phone : 022 28520461-62.
Mail Id :
Alternate Mail Id :

Scrip Code Details

Scrip Code is : 536737
Scrip ID : ACFSL
ISIN No. : INE218P01018
Face Value : 10

Compliance Officer Detail

Name : Mrs. Rushika Parekh
Contact No.: 079-26581329

Corporate Announcement

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Financial Result

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Annual General Meeting

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Newspaper Advertisement

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Annual Returns

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